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Introducing The


Our Nappy Caddy Has Landed!

Done with having to run around grabbing the nappies, wipes, creams, change mat, and favourite toys when you need to change your little one's nappy?

Tired of mediating fights in the backseat on long car drives as your children can't find their tablets, snacks, drink bottles, and activities? 

Ready to have order back in your life?


To reduce the clutter and bickering?

The Luxe Baby nappy caddy will revolutionise nappy changes, car trips, your car boot and more. With plenty of pockets and segments, you can arrange your nappy caddy to suit your personal preferences.


Store toddler snacks in the side, wipes in the left pocket, nappies on the right and the change mat in the other side. Add some burp cloths in the back, your water bottle and some snacks for mum too if you're in that newborn haze. Even better, get the hubby to refresh the caddy snacks, nappy supply and more each night while you get those few extra zzz's. It is that straight-forward to use!

Have a pocket per kid on long car drives, snacks, drink bottles and some hand sanitiser each. Put the tablets, books and headphones in the back so everything is easy to reach and there are no more arguments about who stole whose bottle, packet of chips or headphones. 

Keep the necessities in your car boot incase of poo-nami emergencies or spontaneous beach trips. A pocket for the back-up change kit and another for the spare togs. Plus, of course, the emergency snacks in the back incase of sudden hangriness despite already having had a million and one snacks that morning.

Sold? Ready to order yours today?

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